About Us

Live the Aloha life by making your home a little more colorful and comfortable.  Take a vacation without leaving your home, relax in style right at home.  Bring the spirit of Aloha into your home!  Aloha represents comfort, fun, relaxation, stress-free, style.

Aloha Foam’s mission is to make the world a little more comfortable and stylish.  We are determined to find and offer only the highest quality, comfiest (if it isn’t a word it should be), best looking, and most fun home decor possible.  Most products are made in the USA, not because we have something against the rest of the world, but because we like to see people we know have jobs.  

Whether you’re 2 or 92 years old (or somewhere in between) you deserve to live in a fun environment.  Embrace your inner child and hold on to your playful attitude.  Shredded foam filled chairs are the very essence of fun.  Changing the style of your home can be as easy as putting some new accent pillows in your living or family room.


Koala Foam

We proudly feature Koala shredded foam seating.  Made in America with 100% polyester fabrics (for easy cleaning), Koala Foam chairs are the best of their type we’ve found. Hundreds (if not thousands) of color options to match or favorite school, college, or team.  Filled with a special blend of shredded, multi-density, high resiliency foam for maximum comfort.  High quality, great style and very reasonable pricing makes Koala Foam the best value we could find.


Mossy Oak Nativ Living

We love Mossy Oak branded home décor.  It may not embody the Aloha spirit, but it is perfect for the millions of people who are passionate about the Mossy Oak lifestyle.  It represents the outdoors lifestyle, not of the islands, but wherever folks like to hunt and get away in the woods


Aloha Foam
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